About Us


Warp Rider Games started because a member of the gaming community wanted a place for everyone to be able to game and find everything they need under one roof. We pride ourselves on our “barber shop” mentality and amazing service.

Our Goals

Mainly we want to create and ensure that anyone would be able to play a game in the store and be able to be happy with any purchase they make. Furthermore we want to be a resource for gamers with our youtube channel and our social media groups, so no one feels alone in the hobby.

Our Community.

We have been incredibly lucky by having the best group of gamers in San Diego. No matter what game you might be interested in, there is a group of people who would be more than willing to help you learn it. Furthermore, all of our staff is have a large amount of gaming experience that can help you with any purchases you are thinking about. 

The Founders


This is the guy who started it all. He believes that a good community is based on quality, not volume and doesnt abide by 1980s retail standards. "The store isnt mine, its just a space, what defines it is the people that are playing inside of it." He also is a decent painter so feel free to ask him for painting tips!


While Larry might order the rest of the employees around, Chavo orders Larry. So in the end he is the boss of all of us here at Warp Rider

The Staff